It must be Sam’s Club on a Saturday because I’ve got your samples, piping hot from our dirty little toaster oven! So get your graze on with my latest writing links for:

Enjoy! When you’re done, save your little toothpick and come back for seconds!

Namely, ME. Here’s a haunting and sensitive ode to WordPress hosting, written for the mad geniuses at Charleston’s Colophon New Media. Do you think we could have made the logo larger?


Copywriting in Bloom!

The latest from the “It Almost Seems Like He Knows What He is Talking About” file, a magazine article I wrote for a floriculture trade publication, Floriology.  Check it out!




December… that time of the year when all of the rosy billing predictions we made in January crawl under the front porch and die quietly. (“Don’t cry son; he’s in a better place now.”)

Anyway, time for one last push for a couple of quick copywriting assignments, and hopefully getting paid for some old ones. And hey, why not take a look back at some 2017 copywriting highlights?

2017 at aLivelyExchange included:

  • Writing a 55-page website for a digital marketing firm, which I got paid for – but it was never published (and that was in January!)
  • Blogging, press releases, and social media management for an international floral chemical company
  • Writing print ads for some gun manufacturers
  • Blogging for a Charleston tax preparer
  • Blogging for a Columbia tax attorney
  • Writing a website and print materials for a South Carolina provider of landscaping pine straw
  • Writing a newsletter for a consumer electronics manufacturer
  • Blogging for an Augusta GA extended stay motel
  • Writing case studies for a Charleston web firm
  • Writing employee bios for a Charleston commercial real estate firm
  • Writing email blasts for a DIFFERENT floral manufacturer
  • Writing a website for a Columbia law firm
  • Writing a website, and later social media management, for a Charleston dental practice
  • Writing a website for a Columbia interior design studio
  • Writing a website, and later social media management, for a Charleston CPR training school
  • Writing a website for a charity based in Boston
  • Writing a website for an upscale Columbia SC restaurant
  • Blogging for my Homeowners Association
  • Video editing YouTube/Vimeo uploads for my church

And, in the 4th quarter…

  • A six-month GiG WritinG educational content for a Global internet Giant I maybe shouldn’t name

Coming up next:

  • Writing an article about a Dutch lady who runs an orphanage for handicapped kids in India

And, the latest future classics in the blogging realm:

Finally 2017’s HIT LIST (but it only RHYMES with “Hit”)

  • A Columbia dry cleaner, a Columbia pressure washing contractor, and a Columbia metal fabricator who each ran up about $200 worth of services and then vanished!

And that’s what’s under the tree here at aLivelyExchange. How was YOUR 2017?

(Historians agree: when the Roman Legion switched from sandals to Chuck Taylors, it spelled the end of the Empire.)

Halloween is about the only holiday(?) that truly excites me, where I put forth what might be construed as an EFFORT.  Actually, Trick or Treat preps actually DO require some work, as seen here:


But it’s worth it when you see the awe in some little 4-year-old Batman’s eyes.  Speaking of which, I wonder what this year’s costume trend will be? I am guessing Wonder Woman.

Anyway, what’s happening here at the Exchange?

And, speaking of blogging, here are the latest future classics in:

Thanks for tuning in. If you need copywriting that chills and thrills, but never ills, contact livelyexchange (at) gmail (dot) com. Now scram – I have three -year-old candy to thaw out!


wet cat final

“Charleston in the summertime: Like breathing through a wet cat!”

How was your Charleston copywriting summer? Hot and sticky like mine? I’m thinking this Friday before Labor Day might be the most humid day of the year. As I often say, “Copywriting is one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration – especially in Charleston!”

So what’s happening here at the Exchange?

Seems like a lot of existing client maintenance lately, and that’s just fine. But there’s always room for more at this party, so come on along! For web, print, video and social media copy and content, contact livelyexchange (at) gmail (dot) com!

Photo credits: Fine Art America (bridge), BuyCostumes.com (mask), Dreamz Time (cat)

Real Estate Writing

Greetings! This is a temporary post highlighting my real estate writing experience. This includes agency marketing, neighborhood descriptions and real estate social media.

Contact me at LivelyExchange (at) Gmail (dot) com!

Some Links:

Some samples in file form:



My hand gets all pale, raster-y and detached after a hard day’s blogging!

The Blogotron was humming at peak efficiency last week as I completed blog posts for a heavy construction company, a chemical company, a CPR training school, an IRS tax defense law firm and a boutique mortgage lender.

If you are looking for a little optimization in your life, contact LivelyExchange (at) Gmail (dot) com. And check out my latest blog samples: Blogging & Social Media Content

20638931_1587932687948153_447980582823745319_nIt’s National Book Lovers Day, because there is a day for everything!

I’m definitely having a reading year in twenty and seventeen, and heavy on the Dystopias for some reason! Started by re-reading Margaret Atwood’s Madaddam Trilogy – soon to be the next great HBO series. Then, a middling Atwood-lite called California by Edan Pelucki. Some speculative political fiction with Indian Country by Kurt Schlichter. More Atwood as I re-read Handmaid’s Tale for the 8th time. Even MORE Atwood with the more recent, and just-OK, The Heart Goes Last. Finally, this year’s winner so far, Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel.

What are YOU reading?

My knowledge of Floriculture extends to learning the word “Floriculture.”

Well, more like social media content. Blogging, to be precise. And another example of diving in, learning a topic, and being able to produce – no matter how foreign the subject matter. In this case…FLOWERS.

I have been working with/for Floralife of Walterboro SC for about 5 years. An old Philips connection. Started out rewriting their website, did some video production and then a ton of social. Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and Google+ all emanating from the Hootsuite platform. And, of course, blogging.

So here’s the latest. An article in Better Homes & Gardens set off alarm bells at Flower Central, both here and in Belgium. A profile on some famous flower grower and author revealed a previously unknown preference for a certain Floralife flower preservative. This set the Batphone at stately Lively Manor a-glowing…by Gar, let’s blog about that!

So here ye be! Please to enjoy “Industry Recognition for Floralife Crystal Clear!