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When writing press releases, the stakes are never exactly Life or Death, but there are times when getting it right is more important than others. These are also the times when the clock is ticking and nobody is available to help out.

This was the classic “by end of day” crisis involving some social media brush fire that needed extinguishing. Ill-informed freakouts concerns, apples-to-cucumbers comparisons, the usual. Fortunately I saw it coming. I predicted they would need…something written, so I had begun jotting down ideas the day before. Research research, write write write aaaand SEND!

Silence. Then, 24 hours later, this arrives via MailChimp. No notes, no second draft required. Somehow, this press release┬ámade it through committee on two sides of the Atlantic with a couple of minor word changes (and picking up only one typo in the process. THERE’S your miracle!)

At the end of a just-OK week, this was a nice conclusion. I have been the unofficial Fifth Beatle in this company’s marketing department for about five years now, managing their social media and blogging, occasional press releases, occasional web work. In this case, there was a convergence of trust, necessity and timing in something of a crisis atmosphere, and I delivered. Felt good. Anyway, check it out on my Press Releases page!

So, anybody need a press release? Holla! livelyexchange (at) gmail (dot) com!

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