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December… that time of the year when all of the rosy billing predictions we made in January crawl under the front porch and die quietly. (“Don’t cry son; he’s in a better place now.”)

Anyway, time for one last push for a couple of quick copywriting assignments, and hopefully getting paid for some old ones. And hey, why not take a look back at some 2017 copywriting highlights?

2017 at aLivelyExchange included:

  • Writing a 55-page website for a digital marketing firm, which I got paid for – but it was never published (and that was in January!)
  • Blogging, press releases, and social media management for an international floral chemical company
  • Writing print ads for some gun manufacturers
  • Blogging for a Charleston tax preparer
  • Blogging for a Columbia tax attorney
  • Writing a website and print materials for a South Carolina provider of landscaping pine straw
  • Writing a newsletter for a consumer electronics manufacturer
  • Blogging for an Augusta GA extended stay motel
  • Writing case studies for a Charleston web firm
  • Writing employee bios for a Charleston commercial real estate firm
  • Writing email blasts for a DIFFERENT floral manufacturer
  • Writing a website for a Columbia law firm
  • Writing a website, and later social media management, for a Charleston dental practice
  • Writing a website for a Columbia interior design studio
  • Writing a website, and later social media management, for a Charleston CPR training school
  • Writing a website for a charity based in Boston
  • Writing a website for an upscale Columbia SC restaurant
  • Blogging for my Homeowners Association
  • Video editing YouTube/Vimeo uploads for my church

And, in the 4th quarter…

  • A six-month GiG WritinG educational content for a Global internet Giant I maybe shouldn’t name

Coming up next:

  • Writing an article about a Dutch lady who runs an orphanage for handicapped kids in India

And, the latest future classics in the blogging realm:

Finally 2017’s HIT LIST (but it only RHYMES with “Hit”)

  • A Columbia dry cleaner, a Columbia pressure washing contractor, and a Columbia metal fabricator who each ran up about $200 worth of services and then vanished!

And that’s what’s under the tree here at aLivelyExchange. How was YOUR 2017?

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