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Another in the occasional series of blogs about blogging, done for web marketing supermen RevenFlo of Rock Hill SC. The topic is blogging for business, something about which I have some insight. Not terribly much, but some.  Someone told me the other day that I have the top organic Google results for “copywriter + charleston”, DESPITE my recent lack of commitment. That is good to hear, and that is due entirely to blogging, so there is that.

So anyway, this was adapted from a similar piece I found somewhere. In reality, I only really used 5 of the 9 points this writer brought up, and then only the bullet points. The examples I filled in myself. This is another Top Tip for business bloggers and article writers. Swiping inspiration is the norm. Swiping content whole cloth is, like, not cool man.  Here is a preview:

Ideally, you know your audience – the potential customer you are trying to reach and persuade. You know what they care about and what they need.  Hopefully, your product or service fulfills that need.  So, if you are blogging to support your replacement window business, please PLEASE focus on that! Energy savings, ease of installation, home resale value, green tax credits, and so on.  If you want to write about politics, religion or movies, start a personal blog someplace else.

Continue on to the RevenFlo article HERE.

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Better question…who would read one? Oh sure, I try to sound tough, but I am a romantic at heart (as opposed to the lungs or  kidneys, I guess.)  So I leapt at the chance to pen the Romance feature on our local e-zine-slash-portal-slash whatever it is, PremiereCharleston.com. Why the enthusiasm? Because, for once, I had a story to tell….

I think this baby has a booger or something...

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, PremiereCharleston.com set out to tackle the hard-hitting topic of Romance in Charleston. In general, people near and far tend to think of Charleston as a romantic town, with its beaches, the Battery, carriage rides on charming cobblestone streets, yada yada yada. And we will address all of those romantic opportunities.

But first, let us travel to the peak of romantic possibility in a Charleston engagement story we call “A Charleston Engagement Story.” Note: portions of the following may be fictionalized to enhance the author’s romantic awesomeness.

Link to article…

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A client of mine, who is heavily into social media marketing (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc.) asked me for my take on the subject matter.  Specifically, he asked for an article – a keyword-intensive article for his web marketing firm home page – about blogging for business.  It was a nice opportunity to actually put some thoughts together on the subject. Even better, I got paid to blog, which never hurts. Here is an excerpt….

One way to think of social media marketing is as an online extension of the many networking activities you undertake in the “real world,” such as membership in your local Chamber of Commerce. The time you spend getting your face and name out into your local community is vital to your business. You should do the same in the web community, and social media marketing is an effective way to do it.

The irony is that, while I blog for everyone and his brother these days, my own blog – meant to promote my business – has suffered. So, read the article, then do as I say, not as I do!!

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Another lame post directing you to some other blog! Yay? Anyway, I have been tasked with breaking down the Charleston scene, neighborhood by neighborhood. This is quite a task for someone who sits at a desk all day, stepping outside only to tell children to get the hell off my lawn. Regardless, I have accepted this challenge, and consider it a really good way to get to know this weird little town where I am shipwrecked my adopted hometown. So, here is the latest article highlighting this, that or some other aspect of life in Charleston. With limited experience, some intense Google-ing, and the help of Yahoo Maps, I break down the cultural, dining and retail adventure that is Upper King Street.  Take a look…  um, HERE.

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