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Downtown Charleston Homes: Lots of Charm for LOADS of Cheddar!

And now a few thoughts on Real Estate writing – Charleston’s third most popular professional writing topic (behind Old World Charm and Missile Guidance Systems!)
Writing for Real Estate is tricky, especially in a town the size of Charleston SC. Whenever a realtor comes to me, he or she needs writeups on the usual things like Home, About, Services, etc. So far so good. 

But then they want me to write charming descriptions of the part of Charleston SC where they specialize. And, in a town this size, “everywhere” is our specialty!

When I first got to town I had no clue about West Ashley or Mt. Pleasant or Park West…or anywhere. So it was research, research, research. I believe the pieces I wrote were fine, especially considering my lack of knowledge of the area. They did the trick and got the Google hits. I don’t believe, however, that the reader would get the sense that the author had “lived it.”

Time took care of that. Now, all these years later, I know the Charleston SC area pretty darn well. The stuff I write about Isle of Palms or South Windermere actually DO sound like they were written by a local.

home sale

Cozy and charming. And in Downtown Charleston, it’s only $575,000!

The final piece of the puzzle was Historic Downtown Charleston. That’s how you’re supposed to say it. Downtown had always been a once-every-few-weeks occurrence for me. Usually a Saturday, and usually to chill on a lawn chair at the Battery or something.

My 8-month stint at Philips changed that. I only worked a 20-hour week, but I was there every day. Working in Ansonborough, lunching on East Bay, vendor meetings in the French Quarter, happy hour on Upper King, and so on. The feel of Downtown started slowly seeping in.

So, when a realtor asked me to write a big SEO-drenched essay on Historic Downtown Charleston, I was ready. Now, I can say “Ansonborough is a charming neighborhood of Charleston Singles and Doubles, refurbished row houses and even modern condos with harbor views” with confidence! I LIVED it, by gar!

Anyway, check out my Historic Downtown Charleston SC Homes article! And a special shout out to Realtor extraordinaire Heather Lord!

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If YOU need compelling copy  – real estate or otherwise – that feels like it’s been lived in, please contact livelyexchange (at) gmail (dot) com!

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Marge gets some marketing tips on her first day as a realtor:

Marge: That house is awfully small.
Lionel Hutz: I’d say it’s awfully cozy.
Marge: That one’s dilapidated.
Hutz: No, rustic!
Marge: That house is on fire!
Hutz: Motivated seller!

And that’s pretty much the story when it comes to writing for the real estate client. You do what you have to do when your customer is making the biggest investment of their lives. The agent helps them make the right choice, and then tries to help them feel good about it.

I’ve always been into the aspirational aspect of marketing and advertising. That is, messaging that speaks to us in our daily lives, but also speaks to who we would like to be.  People love to dream big, and there are few dreams more evocative than home ownership. So the realm of real estate copywriting is ripe with potential.

I guess it depends on your market, as well. There are “real estate towns,” and Charleston is one of them. Not lately, of course, but overall. Here, I’ve written video scripts, print material, websites, blogs and SEO articles on:

  • New Home Construction,
  • High-end Residential,
  • FSBO-ing,
  • Flat-fee MLS,
  • Moving and Storage,
  • Mortgage Lending,
  • Homeowners Insurance, and
  • Home Improvement

I’ve also served real estate’s corporate cousins in commercial property development, leasing, property management and facilities management (which is different somehow.)

It’s a fun field because, as long as you are hitting the selling points, you’re pretty much free to paint the picture as eloquently and evocatively as your skills allow. Which also means it’s a great way to give the language muscle a workout. Feel the burn!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite examples: and old industrial laundry building in a dying rustbelt town being transformed into luxury loft condos. Mmmm, ostentatious!

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