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Out of a sense of adventure…and economic necessity…you never say no to a copywriting project. This can lead you off in some interesting new directions. And you never know when a weird little one-off project will come back to be the basis of “my deep understanding of the industrial powder-coating process” on some future bid.

First Time for Everything

For every subject matter a copywriter approaches, there’s a first gig, first assignment, first Google search for every topic. I’ve said it repeatedly; it’s one of my favorite parts of the business. Convincing the client you can actually do the work is another story.

Copywriting with Curb Appeal

As they say, in real estate you’re not selling bricks and lumber…you’re selling the dream. Others would say that pumping all the romance (along with the notion that credit is a God-given right) helped bring us to the mess we are in today.  At any rate, as the stakes get ever higher, the need for effective copywriting in the real estate world increases.

Copywriting for Graphic Arts

If you’re trying to sell substrates, labeling, packaging, ink, splicing or million dollar industrial printing presses (and who isn’t these days?) then listen up. If you want your product to burst with value, and be something more than a boring commodity…get some copywriting help!

Health Care Communications

Healthcare is my bread and butter. It is also my plate, my knife and my laminate countertop.  For a time it was also my toaster, but we’re in a recession, you know? It’s an industry filled with cutthroat competition, regulations and lawsuits out the butt (I know, cut the legal-ese!)  Anyway, it’s not for everybody but, if you had to pick a copywriting specialty that will be around until the last Boomer has dropped dead, this is the one!

Copywriting for the Religious Client

It can be really intimidating to walk into a creative meeting and feel the passion and commitment of the religious client. Let’s face it, nobody ever laid down their life for the next generation of absorbent paper towels. So you have to calm down and see that, like any other “business,” there’s a message, a medium, a market and an audience. Just make sure you don’t “kill” your competition, or steal from him or covet his wife. They have rules about that.

Guns & Ammo

Speaking of Second Amendment rights they will have to pry from your cold, dead fingers…suppose you’re a snot-nosed college puke who grew up in the city and never held a gun in your life. Suddenly you get the opportunity to write a series of brochures, editorials, press releases, print ads, catalogs, web sites and trade show materials…are you ready to pull the trigger?

A Mile Wide, An Inch Deep

And that is what it boils down to. If you want to work, if you want to add value, you have to posess a diverse knowledge base. And, for the most part, wider is better than deeper. If you disagree…start your own blog!

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In my experience “Up North,” if you attend church, you don’t really discuss it.  It may be a more private matter, or it may be that fewer people regularly attend. Likely, it’s a little of both. However, it’s a bit different here in Charleston SC. Here, when you meet new people at work or at a gathering the question, “where do you go to church?” will usually come up pretty quickly. It’s just assumed that you attend somewhere.

So, for the freelance writer or video dude in Charleston, it’s not uncommon for religious communication gigs to work their way into your mix. For me it has been mostly video production, sometimes with my own gear (lights, audio, editing, etc.) and sometimes with theirs. And lately more web copywriting work has been popping up.

The thing I found as I got my feet wet (not a baptism reference!) is that my religious copywriting or video production task is not all that different than if we were selling tires or real estate. For example:

  • You must still identify your audience
  • You must know their needs and communicate to them
  • You need to show value, i.e. how attending this church will be more satisfying than attending another. So, that means…
  • You must know your “competition”

My clients understand this, for the most part. These are the non-denominational churches that are attempting to be different. They are trying to reach out to the “unchurched” or those who have “drifted” or however you want to say it. And they are trying to reach them the way you reach people these days: by presenting their message with the aid of quick cuts, a pounding soundtrack and sizzling graphics…whether that’s by way of print, video or the web.

Hey, whatever works, right? Just try not to be too shocked when you stumble across your pastor’s Facebook page!

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