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“What do you have in mind…a sales brochure? Carefully crafted bullet points for a quarter-page ad? A 300-word advertorial? The subtle sell of a ghost written “trends” article in a trade magazine? If you’re serious about getting a consistent message out across a variety of media, you’ll eventually need a little of each. And you’ll need a writer who can distill your salient points and tweak them to fit each application.”

Well, that’s the pitch, anyway. I’ve always enjoyed working in print, because it frees you up from all the minutiae of SEO and allows you to really get poetic about the latest rat trap or zit cream. Until now, though, I haven’t had any way to share print samples with my visitors. That is, I never took the time to figure out HOW to share samples. Reading directions has never been my bag…which explains a lot.

So, as a further drill-down from my Copywriting for Print page, I have a link to some print samples. Sadly, I cannot share with you the initial thrill of seeing my work in the pages of “Gun Nut Monthly” or “Laminated Cardstock Review.” You’ll just have to use your imagination. … LINK.

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