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First of all, if you ever meet me at a party, don’t get me started on Baby Boomers. I’m, shall we say, not in love with their self-absorption, their buying power, and the fact that they are the generation right before me. So, all my life I have watched Boomer-targeted TV ads using tired-ass Boomer songs like “Turn, Turn, Turn” to first sell blue jeans, and now investment advice and, someday soon, denture adhesive. But hey, maybe that’s the Gen-X cynicism talking.

Anyway, I just received an email blast from MediaPost entitled Boomers Are Not Bloggers.  It’s the result of a recent ThirdAge/JWT Boom study that confirms that the over-40 crowd does use the web extensively for email, product research and online shopping. However, they are really not interested in blogging or social networking.  Here are some numbers. According to the study, the following percentages of Boomers have little or no interest in the following online activities:

  • Writing blogs 67%
  • General social networking 63%
  • Online multi-player games 62%
  • Podcasts 55%
  • Downloading music 44%

I have a few reactions to this list. As for blogging, I’m a little confused. Given their famous self-absorption, I find it surprising that Boomers don’t blog. Then again, it takes time. Only the very earliest of Boomers are starting to retire, so maybe they’re too busy making a living. If I didn’t feel that blogging was an essential marketing exercise for my business, I might not do it. I certainly wouldn’t do it with the frequency I do now.

As for social networking, again, I mainly do it because that seems to be something they ask more and more in job ads and interviews. “Do you use Facebook? LinkedIn? MySpace?” Yes to all three, but it often feels awkward. I do appreciate hooking up with old friends, but the obsessive-compulsive race to have the most “friends” really annoys me.

And if you are a Boomer who has an interest in Facebook, you’re likely to feel just a touch out of place. I signed up, and started browsing through my high school. I saw so many “Class of ‘09/’10/’11 profiles that I began to get concerned that “To Catch a Predator” was going to knock on my door.

In the end, I suppose we should be happy that the internet is finally bringing us closer together, regardless of age, instead of driving us farther into our shells.  I just wish that the discourse went a little deeper than “Thanks for the add!!”

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