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office-001me21I had an interesting freelance revelation (frevelation?) this morning.  You know how I’m always saying, “Just start writing?” Now, allow me to add, “Just keep marketing.”

It’s easy to say that you can never stop marketing your services. So easy that it’s usually what I say right before I stop marketing my services.  I mean, come on…self marketing is tedious, slightly humiliating and, ultimately, successful about 2% of the time. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about conversion, so it’s my own damn fault!)

But here is a prime example of the need to never let up. A good friend and associate of nearly 15 years told me of his awesome new job…heading up media production for a…well, a huge national concern. This corporation has multiple subsidiaries, each with its own media production department. This friend is the production chief at the main office and, I assume, for all the divisions.

So, the entire group had a meet and greet. Intros, airing of grievances, mapping out the new year, etc. Exciting stuff.   Now, it’s a week later, and I am hearing this report over the telephone. My anticipation is building…multiple divisions, ongoing productions, unlimited freelance writing potential… I said, unlimited freelance writing potential.  Ahem! Unlimited….

My mind stopped racing long enough to realize that he was finished relaying his story. But, as far as I could tell, no word on the unlimited freelance writing potential.  So, I had to ask (did I mention that it’s slightly humiliating?)

The reply? “Whoa. I didn’t think about that…”  (Wait, it gets better.) “They did say that writing was a big stumbling block!”

Kids, lest you think I am ragging my old friend, I’m not. This is just how it is in the freelance copywriting business. And I guarantee that any freelancer reading this is blaming me, not him.  Ironically, back in the day, the roles were reversed. Basically, I was him, and he was a freelance video shooter/lighting guy. Our entire association and friendship of 15 years resulted from the fact that my previous lighting dude was unavailable to work for me…one time.

Bottom line…out of laziness, pride or an over-inflated sense of worth, I have sometimes been guilty of neglecting these old associations.

So, um, I guess I orta not to done that.

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lively-hq2I wouldn’t say that business is slow. Nowadays, the polite term is “developmentally challenged.” Still, there are a few highlights.

In the video realm, I just knocked out a “man on the street” thing for my church in Moncks Corner SC.  Spent the day accosting patrons at a local coffee shop and asking, “What would you do if you ruled the world for a day?” The answers ranged from the sublime (help spread the Word) to the ridiculous (mandate 89-cent gasoline.) My personal favorite: appoint a committee and delegate my responsibility.

It was a chance to use their new HD camera in the field. It’s pro-sumer, meaning better than consumer grade, but not quite professional. But the clarity was stunning, and the 16×9 ratio (widescreen) is a new sensation. Smashed it together in Final Cut Pro in a few hours. Out, done, invoiced…the way I like ’em!

In the web world, I had the opportunity to revisit the world of radio advertising, which I mentioned earlier. Further developing the features and benefits argument for local businesses.   Meanwhile, the intranet newsletter putts along, informing and offending on a weekly basis.

In print…oy. Big project, not-so-familiar subject, many cooks, many drafts. In other words, a typical day at the office. Sure to be a portfolio piece when it’s finished, though. So there’s that.

Business development. Met with a web design/programming/hosting group in Charleston with an upcoming (and hopefully ongoing) need for writing services. Get this…they had kept my information on file since I contacted them 5 months ago! I didn’t know people actually DID that!  No complaints here, though. This is exactly the type of client I am trying to reach.

That’s the weekly wrap. Have a good weekend.

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