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I have updated the site to include some samples of web sites I have provided content for. It’s a page of hot and tasty* links that resides in the Copywriting for the Web page. I’d like to highlight one of my favorites, if I may. It’s a self -promotional piece for the agency I worked for at the time. I like it for a couple of reasons.

First, you always hear about the cobbler’s kids who have no shoes, right? An agency often does stellar work for their clients, but their own promotional materials are pretty shabby, usually because they’re too busy and they aren’t getting paid to toot their own horn.

Second, in a small shop you sometimes get to stretch a little and use talents that aren’t in your day-to-day repertoire. I always liked to draw and, as I was storyboarding this piece, I kept tinkering until the storyboards became the story. Remarkably, no one said, “Hey! Those drawings suck a lot!” (more below)

Change Illustration

Third, it won a local Addy, due in part to some really groovy flash animation. The sample picture above illustrates how Change sneaks up on you, conspires against you in a secret alliance, and then votes your ass off the island. Note that I didn’t mention “subtlety” as one of the reasons I like this piece.

So, follow this link, then scroll down to the leather-bound book at the bottom.

*Note: Claims of heat and tastiness have not been reviewed by the FDA.

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“No better friend, no greater adversary…”

Expertise..acquiring it fast and cheap. As we used to say at ImageMatrix: “It CAN be Done!”

As famed guitarist and alcoholic Joe Walsh once said, I can’t complain but sometimes I still do. From time to time you may detect a note (or perhaps a symphony) of cynicism in my tone but, truth be told, there are parts of my job I truly love.

This will sound lame, but my favorite part is learning new things. (Note: warning the reader that something will sound lame does not make it less lame.) By this I mean new businesses, new fields, new products and so on. I have spent a few really productive years in an agency environment, both full time and as a freelancer. There I was exposed to a barrage of new clients in various fields, from shooting sports to military research to graphic arts to public radio.

Believe me, after a solid decade plus in healthcare communications, it was a definite paradigm shift (corporate douche-speak? Mike, you promised!) Sorry. Anyway, I loved the challenge of digging into the materials, interviewing the client, learning about their company, their competition and their industry at large.  And I loved being the proverbial fresh pair of eyes in the room. I guess the biggest lesson I learned was…how to learn. (Tonight on a very special Lively Exchange, Mike learns how to learn.)

All of these tender life lessons came in handy yesterday, when I had to dig into yet another field I knew nothing about (and cannot really discuss.) My mission was to turn 5,000 words into 5,000 different words, with another 2,500 words added for sheer volume.  I’d have to check the AP style guide, but I’m pretty sure that’s “a butt-load.” It promised to be a steep climb, but I was really looking forward to it precisely because the topic was so new. I was exhausted by the end of the day but, as they say, it was a good kind of tired.

How about you, my fellow ink-stained wretches? What’s your favorite part of the job?

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