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My tagline took Honorable Mention

Well, I am taking a break from the hubbub and revelry of National Fried Chicken Day (look it up) to report on the copywriting comings and goings here at LivelyExchange.

Here in Charleston SC, springtime’s occasional 90-degree days are just a memory, and summer’s endless 95-degree days are the norm. Makes you want to stay inside and do some copywriting! So, check out my latest projects:

  • Writing a website for an interior designer in Columbia SC
  • Writing and optimizing a website for a Charleston SC dental practice
  • Writing a website for a Columbia SC law firm
  • Video shoot pre-production for a productivity consultant
  • Quoting a social media program for a Charleston SEO consultant
  • Finished a website for a CPR training provider in Charleston SC, and now starting their Social Media program.

And some old perennials; some that won’t end, others that won’t start!

  • Press Releases, blogging and social media management for a global leader in floral chemicals
  • Writing a website for a CNC machine shop client in South Carolina
  • Writing a website for a dry cleaner in South Carolina
  • Writing a website for a pressure washing service in South Carolina

The Reds Report

Meanwhile, back home in Cincinnati, the Told-You-So Express grinds to a halt. My beloved Reds, who sat high atop the NL Central in my last report, are now lower than a Pete Rose belly slide. At this point, only San Francisco and Philadelphia are in worse shape in the entire National League! So, hey, Reds fans: how about a rousing cheer of “There’s someone worse than us! There’s someone worse than us! There’s…”

No? Okay then. Enjoy your fried chicken, and I’ll see you next time!

photo:  freedigitalphotos.net/vectorolie

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