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"You knew we were taking ID pictures today, right?"

My TV prof from long ago, John Higgins, has posted a bunch of student videos on YouTube, including several from the Lively era of the mid-80’s.  Wright State Cablevision 4a* was an underfunded, under-appreciated, ill-equipped pretend TV station in Fairborn OH with no viewers and few rules. It was also the most fun I ever had in my video career. I milked that experience for every bit of work/study grant availability, until they dragged me out kicking and screaming.

So, here are 5 videos from John’s site. I produced all of them except the last one – which I think is my favorite. I had nothing to so with that one, but I am in a lot of the clips. A perfect time capsule of those days.

*As I recall, the super-advanced, Soviet-manufactured Fairborn cable TV box had 26 channels – 13 each on two bands (A and B,) with a ridiculous toggle switch to change bands. Hence “Cable 4A.”

ALSO: Check out Prof. John Higgins’ Site… http://www.mediaprof.org/

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