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A client of mine, who is heavily into social media marketing (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc.) asked me for my take on the subject matter.  Specifically, he asked for an article – a keyword-intensive article for his web marketing firm home page – about blogging for business.  It was a nice opportunity to actually put some thoughts together on the subject. Even better, I got paid to blog, which never hurts. Here is an excerpt….

One way to think of social media marketing is as an online extension of the many networking activities you undertake in the “real world,” such as membership in your local Chamber of Commerce. The time you spend getting your face and name out into your local community is vital to your business. You should do the same in the web community, and social media marketing is an effective way to do it.

The irony is that, while I blog for everyone and his brother these days, my own blog – meant to promote my business – has suffered. So, read the article, then do as I say, not as I do!!

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