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General, in all my years of covering top secret discoveries with sheets, I’ve never dramatically revealed anything as shocking as this! Dun-dun-DUNNN!

As I may have whined earlier, the type of work I have been doing lately has really cut into both my time and my desire to blog.   This is primarily because much of that work has been of the social media genre – blogging, article writing, posting to Digg and Reddit, tweeting, tweeting and more tweeting. And also tweeting.

Additionally, a large part of what I was doing was developmental in nature.  Since early October I have been writing for this pretty cool “everything Charleston” website that covers dining, shopping, history and real estate.  We have been slowly stocking the thing with content – monthly articles, weekly blogs and daily tweets.

Well, I guess we have reached an acceptable minimum level of content, because finally we are ready to dramatically yank away the sheet from our top secret discovery (or something.)  Anyway, it’s called PremiereCharleston.com and…oh, sorry. Let’s back up.

Dun-dun DUNNNN!!  it’s called PremiereCharleston.com and it’s really shaping up. And since it has sapped my will to live blog, I figured I would start excerpting some of my stuff here, starting next week.   Oh, and visit the site, dammit!

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