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In the daily scramble of gettin ‘er done, I sometimes forget to take a moment to review the finished product of the web stuff I write. Much of it is down and dirty, none-too-memorable stuff, but still!

Long ago, back in the TV news days, my major complaint was that I never had anything to show for my efforts. The ON AIR light came on, a half hour later it went off, and the electrons or whatever scattered to the universe, never to be seen again.

So, as I changed jobs, I tended to archive to excess. This explains the boxes and boxes of videotapes stacked in my garage. This includes not only VHS tapes that I may possibly watch someday, but also the ¾” U-matics and Beta SPs that I might as well throw away but never will.

In those days I was the producer. I had the dub rack and the tape stock. I could archive at will. My freelance friends would regale me with stories about the cool things they had shot and celebrities they had met. I would say, “Dang, I would like to see a copy of that.” Invariably, they would reply with a snort, “Yeah, so would I!”

These days, I get what they meant. Do you think I would like to see the video I wrote for Dale Jarrett and Kasey Kahne? Yes I would. Will I ever? Probably not.  The client is 700 miles away, and has plenty to do besides run me that dub he promised me six months ago.

That’s the video scripting side of the business. But even the web stuff can be hard to come by. Some websites don’t take much detective work–XYZCorp.com is not hard to find. But the SEO articles? They seem to vanish into the mist almost as bad as a NewsCenter 7 broadcast from 1986.

Nevertheless, I have managed to track a few down for you.

So that’s a sampling. That leaves only several blogs, SEO articles and wikipedia entries-for-hire that I can’t seem to track down. Do me a favor and check behind the couch cushions, would you?

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