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The range of experiences one gets to, you know, experience in this business can be sort of entertaining. This assumes you get a moment to look back on jobs when they’re finished. This also assumes that you ever get to actually finish jobs, so that you can officially reflect on them instead of searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have a couple of recent website projects that illustrate this range of experiences. What they have in common is that  a) they are on the web and, b) they were the result of cold-calling. Other than that, they couldn’t be more different.

Today, let’s look at Sense South Beach Hotel.  A “luxury boutique hotel located on sizzling Brazilian Beach” near Miami. And yes, “sizzling” means topless.

I contacted the agency in Myrtle Beach on a Wednesday. Truly, my target demo…a shop that does kickass graphics and interactive, but not much writing. I happened to hit them at the precise moment they needed me, Praise Be.  Anyway, I got an immediate response, submitted a quote, and then got the gig.  Basically, I wrote four pages of copy: Home (scroll down,) Beaches, Shopping and Nightlife.  It took a bit of research, and a few hours of writing, but I was done by the weekend and collected a couple of bills.

It’s a fun project to look back on because, what do I know about South Beach? I’ve been to Miami enough times to have an entire cargo van full of video production equipment stolen from me (that was a fun phone call to make the next morning) but never South Beach. I wasn’t even aware that they had topless beaches, and that seems like the kind of thing I would know.

Despite this handicap, I feel like I captured the vibe pretty well. And hopefully, the speed and quality of the finished product will lead to more work with this agency down the line. Hey, maybe some on-location fact finding research to sizzling Brazilian Beach! (sound of frying pan hitting head, writer collapsing unconscious.)

Next time: the OTHER end of the web production spectrum!
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