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Captain’s log, supplemental:
Whenever I am thinking that things seem a little too quiet, I like to do a post listing all the projects I have going on. It’s therapeutic, I suppose. And it’s easier than coming up with a real topic in time to make the 10:45am showing of Star Trek at the local IMAX. (see gay illustration.)

beam me up, and whatnot

beam me up, and whatnot

Anyway, the week began with a lunch meeting that, if I could only tell you about it, would neatly illustrate why lunch meetings are deader than disco. I promise full scoopage when the check clears!

Then, I revisited a web project that I update from time to time…biographies for a commercial real estate firm. People come and go, and so do their life stories. Check it out!

I finished up work on the cold-call success story from last week: a website for a Luxury Boutique Hotel located on a nude beach in Miami. I will post a link as soon as I get clearance. (Sorry, I have no photos! And besides, if I did, it would probably be of some fat German tourist wearing nothing but sandals and black socks.)

I finished web copy for a service that hopes to help restore public faith in the integrity of collateral valuations…what regular folks would call “home appraisals.” Shenanigans in this business were a big cause of the mortgage lending collapse, according to my 5.25 hours of research.  Again, link when available.

And, though I haven’t whined about it in a while, my architectural web and print brochure project continues. It’s coming up on its first birthday! We’re going to have cake in the break room. And bourbon, straight.

pathetic, yes?

pathetic, yes?

Well, looking at my WATCH, that seems to be all the TIME I have. Have a great weekend!

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