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I don’t sweat my modest number of hits. As I have said countless times, this little blog has more than done its share of the heavy Google lifting for “copywriter+charleston+sc.” But the number of actual human eyeballs seeing this thing is pretty low…and as you biology majors know, you have to divide the number of eyeballs by 2 to equal “people.”

In the past week, however, the hits have been thru the roof. I am attributing the spike to three topics: one new, one recycled and one that is kind of old. Ready for some minutia? Here we go!

New: The Death of Nostalgia. It was either “death” in the title, or the highly introspective subject matter. But I got loads of pings, or dings or schwings from a bunch of lame-o pop psychology sites.

Recycled: Administrative Professionals Day oh-nine. Not a repeat, but a revisiting (that’s value, kids!) I think I actually got twice the hits because my two posts (this year and last) were titled differently. Note: This holiday bugs my mind. It’s the only holiday I know where fully half of the people you are trying to celebrate resent that you consider them to be in the category being celebrated.

Curiously old, but still bringing the hits: Putting the Grrr! in Facebook. Seems like ragging on Facebook is almost as popular as Facebook itself! Interesting: TIME online just did an article reiterating my list of grievances. Check it out!

The danger here is that you figure out what brings the hits, and you start changing your style and subject matter to fit that taste.

So, starting Monday, it’s celebrity nip-slips, all the time! Or, more boring freelance Charleston copywriter stuff. We’ll see how it goes.

* UPDATE: To prove my point, I have already received random hits for “celebrity nip-slips.”

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