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cakeycake LivelyExchange turns one year old today, and officially graduates to big boy underpants.

I promise not to get too philosophical about it. I like to think one of the charms of this blog is its willingness to recognize that there are tons of people who have done it a lot longer, who have a lot more to say, and who say it to vastly larger audiences.

As I have stated any number of times, I started this strictly for the Google hits. And it has performed handsomely. Then it became a convenient, ever-expanding online portfolio of my work. Of course, to appreciate that convenience you must be old enough to remember mailing 3/4″ videotapes to production managers, standing on line at the urine-soaked hellhole post office listening to your life ticking away. That, or if you have ever visited the Goose Creek branch.

The “having something…anything…anything at all to say” part came later.  It was a drag, having to crank out something every day when I began. But hey, I had the time. Did I ever. Today, the drag is that I can’t do it enough. Irony! (I think.)

Anyway, as long as you keep showing up I will continue crafting commentary with all the finesse and delicacy you’ve come to expect from a  Craftsman wood chipper. That’s the LivelyExchange guarantee!*

*store credit only

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