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Previously on Battlestar Galactica…

*sigh* 😦 …Fridays without BSG? What am I supposed to do…get a life?

Anyway, I told you about a sudden demand for SEO article writing that is keeping me busy.

Now, I don’t have any particular philosophy on this kind of writing, I just have a method that works for me…practically, financially and ethically.

I know some who are happy, um, appropriating someone else’s work and changing the wording just enough to get by the similarity filters.  For the record, that’s not cool. Others are complete purists who refuse to write anything that is not completely original.  For the record, that’s not practical.

Economics…and ethics, of course, dictate things here.  Some jokers want to pay you ten bucks for an SEO article. If you somehow agree to that indentured servitude, I defy you to get the job done by ethical means. Better yet, don’t take the gig. Just tell the prospective client to call 1-800-I N D I A.

On the other hand, those who insist on writing 100% farm fresh original content…well, I hope you get good wi-fi reception up on your high horse. Seriously, this the kind of black-and-white ethical stand  that is easy to make because nobody is hiring you.  By my estimates, that will cost about $100, and nobody will pay that.

So, my advice? Find the happy medium, and get happy.  (Ah yes…the bold, “straight down the middle” approach.) I don’t think it’s much more difficult to find 3 or 4 sources and synthesize (not just copy/paste) the ideas (not just the words) into something new.  Maybe that’s just me. If you can’t do this and punch out 350 words in under an hour, then perhaps this strange little niche is not for you.

Hey, what do you know? Maybe I do have a philosophy on this topic!

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