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A brief post today, because it’s been that kind of week.

Last time I mentioned these lean, low-to-the-ground web design and development shops that I tend to partner up with. These guys get in, marshall their resources and then (to quote the Beastie Boys) they’re out, they’re gone, and they keep it on and on.  They leave behind an attractive, functional site that looks far better than the budget would suggest.

One such band of pistoleros is the Charleston-based Metatation. They have their finger on the pulse of web 2.0, and where the business is right now. For the record (and this is not an original thought) “where the business is” is that every local pest control, landscaper and garage door installer is beginning to see the utility of creating a website to replace the crusty old yellow pages ad that (A) they are convinced no longer has any value, and (B) gets black stuff on your fingers.

This doesn’t mean he is willing to take out a SBA loan to pay for it. But if someone can do it professionally for five thou…er…36 hundr…uh…$2850, then let’s make it happen!  Multiply this by…a bunch…and you’ve got yourself a web design business.

Now all you need is an award-winning copywriter 😉

Anyway…here is a nice little residential real estate/property management website we did together. Simple, but highly functional, and it nails the Charleston vibe with the cold, steely precision of…some kind of cold, precise steel thing. I guess.

Take a look.

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