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that's GOOD cough syrup!

that's GOOD cough syrup!

The past ten days have been a fog.¬† A thick, mucous-y, Vick’s-Vapo-Rub-smelling fog. It started as a sinus infection¬† and morphed into a flu of the congestion/ fatigue/ weakness variety.

And this presented a new problem for me. The last time I was this sick, I was NOT terribly busy in the copywriting realm.¬† This time, I had six different projects going on at once, with three different deadlines. Actually, three deadlines that happened to be the same day…today.

In another life, I recall weakly shuffling up to the edit console, still wearing my coat and scarf, and carrying a box of tissues and a bottle of cough syrup. I plopped down, coughed pathetically, and turned to my executive producer searching for a little sympathy. I received precisely none.

That’s one of those times when you make that silent vow that someday you will be your own boss, and when that day comes… Well,when that day comes the only difference will be that there’s no executive producer sitting there. Everything else, including the deadline, will be the same.

Ironically, my biggest project had the longest lead time. Something like ten days, which I thought was about twice what I needed. And I was determined to use the time. Then, the gleep hit me and I could barely read the screen or string three words together. I hardly started the project until last weekend. In the end, I believe it all came together pretty well. Solid first drafts, anyway. I thank the Lord for that, at least.

So, that explains my absence lately. Hopefully, it also explains to the client why my copy reads like it was written by someone absolutely flying on cough syrup.

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