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As I keep telling those who inquire, I am definitely NOT setting the world on fire. But business is OK.  Things have picked up and, when you combine that with my usual lack of organization, fun stuff like this blog can start to suffer.

It’s the name of the game: juggling several projects at various points along their timelines. Complete first draft of project A, then take initial meeting on project B. Get C to first draft, then begin the draft 2 revisions to project A.  Edit the weekly newsletter, do some billing, do some marketing. And so on, gently down the stream.

I’m not a naturally organized person, but between the white board, Yahoo calendar and my super-deluxe leather- bound American Express appointment book, I manage to keep it together.  Most of the time, anyway.

It’s a challenge, but I’m certainly not complaining. Just giving my  legion of fan the 411 if my posts seems to be scarcer lately, or somehow lacking the mind blowing, heart breaking, bowel shattering clarity that makes you question why we’re here and what it all means.

So, please bear with me. For now, it’s back to work. But cheer up…there will be plenty of time for blogging when we’re living in VAN down by the RIVER!

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