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email3Another new year, another marketing push. I have said previously that I am terrible about getting “comfortable.”  That is, getting used to a certain workload and just figuring that this is how it will always be. Then, I’ve slogged through six projects and it gets suddenly quiet. I open the front door and I realize I am alone in a burning desert, just like the family who didn’t buy Maytag. (now THAT was random!)

Well, not this year…and not in this economy. Even though things are plugging along reasonably well, I can’t afford to rest. Besides, self marketing is totally fun and not humiliating at all! (wink-wink emoticon goes here.)

So all the lucky folks in my great big Excel spreadsheet of harassment are receiving the following:

*     *     *     *


I am a Charleston-based, Addy-award winning writer/editor of print, web and video copy for clients in:

Health Care Automotive Military/Governmental
Manufacturing Real Estate Home Improvement
Biotech Insurance Sporting Goods
Retail Non-profit Graphic Arts

I am always exploring partnership opportunities with design/ development professionals to help present a comprehensive suite of services to the client.

*     *     *     *

…followed by a call to action leading them here to check out my resume and samples, and to bask in my warm, glowing, warming glow.

I like to think it’s brief and straight to the point for today’s busy professional.  Is it a good sell? I don’t know. Typically, it either hits their IN box precisely when they have a need or it doesn’t.  And, as I have stated previously, if I actually hear from them it usually means that they have visited the site. A lot of the “sell” is done and they are contacting me to talk about rates and availability.

So, if you have been drawn here by my rousing, patriotic call to action, I bid you welcome. If not, you have five seconds before Smithers releases the hounds. (I’m kidding…you have three seconds.)

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