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A while back I wrote that “A Copywriter Never Says No”:

Out of a sense of adventure…and economic necessity…you never say no to a copywriting project. This can lead you off in some interesting new directions. And you never know when a weird little one-off project will come back to be the basis of “my deep understanding of the industrial powder-coating process” on some future bid.

I am sure all of our resumes are full of these little “experience equations” that resulted in some opportunity down the line. Such as…

Produced videos in a medical supply factory

+ Did TV news in college

= Job producing daily newscast for Toyota manufacturing.

I once wrote web copy for a microencapsulation supplier. Hey, I don’t even have to explain that one, and it already sounds like science!  ME (for short) is the science of encasing one ingredient in a sphere of…hell, I don’t know…wax or something, and dumping the wax balls into another ingredient.  Then, at just the right moment of time or temperature, the wax melts and the ingredients blend perfectly. Ta-dah!  They use it in food, cosmetics, paints, etc.

Anyway, mastering that concept just well enough to explain it to potential customers and investors was the basis for another current web project. I can’t really talk about it, but “bio-engineering” sums it up…and sounds wicked-cool!

Once, at an agency, I did minor rewrites…or maybe it was just a proposal, for an existing electronics client, a very famous Belgian manufacturer of video monitors.  This, plus basic general experience with electronics from years of video production, led to an interesting current opportunity: writing  a website and PR for a really interesting (but secret) consumer electronics thing that could open up a whole new genre of home entertainment.

The point is not that I had a bunch of super-relevant experience to bid on a project like this. I simply spoke enough of the language, and had worked at the edges of a project for a famous name…which gave me the CONFIDENCE to bid.

I guess I am saying, reiterating really, it’s important to go after every bid you can. No experience is ever wasted. Don’t shy away from the unfamiliar… pursue it! Pursue it even if the learning curve means that it takes 40 hours to do, but you’re only getting paid for 25.   Especially in these times!

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Have a good weekend, and enjoy the Big Game! Of course, I’m referring to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.  I have $100 on the Jack Russell terrier!

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