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I am never one to jump on the bandwagon. No, I am usually the one running at top speed trying to catch the bandwagon long after it has passed by.  There are too many examples to name, so I will just stick to the topic at hand: Social Network Marketing.

I didn’t get into the whole Social thing until it was my job to do so, back in the spring of 08.  In that position I:

  • Wrote fake blogs on various consumer topics to support advertisers’ websites
  • Commented on those fake blogs, as well as real blogs, and directed people back to my advertisers’ sites, and
  • Spammed the heck out of people’s MySpace pages for advertisers like bars, clubs and radio stations.

During that time I joined social sites like facebook and LinkedIn, primarily because it was part of the job…apparently a part of that job I didn’t stick around long enough to do.

Since returning to this vale of tears known as freelancing, I have been  passively noting the Social goings-on…what the kids might call Lurking. I have friended, linked, lived, loved and learned… but never really saw what it had to do with me professionally.  I have made a few observations, however.

  • The people who I have seen on facebook for months, yakking at all hours of the day about the weather, playing trivia games and posting pictures of their cats are the same ones now crying, “Laid off! Can U believe it? So unfair!”
  • The weird, competitive drive to have the most friends is present even on LinkedIn, which I always thought was the more mature, professional site of the two. Specific example: an agency guy I have been trying to hook up with for six years, but who has never answered an email.  A month ago, HE links to ME. But he still won’t answer my emails.  However, his friend count increased by one, so…hooray?

On the positive, useful side of the coin, I see people working the system to their advantage. One guy in particular, an agency friend in Chicago, has a tendency to note on LinkedIn everything he is doing…working on budgets, timelines, strategic frameworks and so on. Now, I don’t really care and, as a result, I thought he was wasting his time. But now I get it! He is on there so much that he has that elusive top-of-mind recognition, and is certain to be the person you call whenever you need…whatever it is that he does.

OK, I don’t have it all mastered just yet.  But I am taking the first step. I am posting this entry, and then heading straight to LinkedIn to promote it.  That’s right, I have finally caught the bandwagon! This can only mean one thing: Social Networking is officially obsolete.

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