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feast-or-famineFeast or famine…it never ends.  Lately I have been wondering what sort of control we have over the business cycle.

You see, back in the spring and early summer of 08, it was definitely famine.  It was so faminely faminatious that I actually took a full time gig pulling a giant oar on an ancient wooden ship, feeling the sting of the bullwhip whenever my efforts flagged for even a moment.

Crappy job, but I got to work with Chuck Heston

Well, not that, actually…just its copywriting equivalent. That gig sucked so hard that, even with no other prospects lined up, I bailed after a month. I did get to keep the iron collar and loincloth, though.

I bring this up because it’s definitely feast at the moment, and for the immediate future.  I’m grateful because I know that God is looking out for me. But I also know that He expects me to do everything I can on the ground to keep the ball rolling.  Lately, though, it seems I finish some web assignment at 1:30 in the PM and I’m like “nap time!”  Or I finish up my corporate newsletter on Thursday evening and decide to take Friday “off.” And I see that, once again, I am becoming lax in that ongoing effort to “keep the pipeline full.”

I don’t need a prophetic dream of 7 skinny cows devouring 7 fat ones to tell me that these current conditions won’t last forever.  But, with no bullwhip for motivation, I have to force myself to remember what actions helped bring me into this current time of feastish feastitude. Then I open my trusty Excel spreadsheet and start harassing everyone on my list.

Every video production house, ad agency, web designer, programmer, and hosting solutions genius in Charleston, Columbia,  Charlotte,  Myrtle Beach…you get the idea, should be expecting to hear from their old irritant “Freelance Writer Seeking Opportunities.” I can see the giddy anticipation on their faces as they open Outlook, see my name and groan, “Oh man, has it been three months already?”

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