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Snakey, wingy medical thing

Snakey, wingy medical thing

OK, I’m stumped. What makes a post popular, i.e., get hits? Is it the topic? The right mix of key phrases? Something completely accidental?

WordPress has some nice metrics hiding behind the curtains, but they don’t tell you a visitor’s intent.  Sometimes they don’t have to. For example, my film review of a certain little movie about a nice guy who falls in love with a lifelike s*x d*ll is still getting hits after 5 months…I won’t say for the wrong reasons, but not the ones I intended!

Or this next example: my post on healthcare communications, my most lucrative professional niche. This post from August 4 ’08, reprinted below, has been on fire lately.  Someone, or several someones is even using the illustration “caduceus”…the snakey, wingy medical thing, as a search term.

So, to my anonymous healthcare fans I would like to say, first, thank you for teaching me the name of the snakey, wingy medical thing.

Second, why don’t you cut  the secret admirer bit,  pull the trigger and actually hire me for a healthcare communications gig!!

Anyway, here’s the post in all its reprinted glory. Have a great weekend!

*     *     *     *

…I traveled to over 100 hospitals in over 30 states. I interviewed healthcare personnel including executive level, nurse management, environmental, purchasing, floor staff, maintenance, and so on. The result was several dozen testimonial videos built around the timeless question, “Would you recommend this product?” Pretty standard fare, but which offered the opportunity to learn about issues and circumstances that affected their daily lives, and their buying habits…issues such as rising acuity, tightening reimbursement, patient and caregiver safety and so on.

LivelyExchange Health Care Communications Page

Everyone develops a niche, whether you intend to or not. For me, it’s health care communications.  Medical manufacturing, hospitals, nursing homes, home health, pharmaceuticals, insurance… I’ve had a long, complicated but fruitful relationship with healthcare as a copywriter, video producer, director…and even, briefly, a convention exhibits manager.

To me, a niche is a nice base of business; familiar but, hopefully, never stale. Like, when I’m stressed or under the gun or I have four projects going on and I couldn’t possibly handle another, but…oh, it’s healthcare? I can handle that.  I’ve done the research.  I know the players, the audience, the politics and so on.

Of course, there’s the potential of getting lazy or complacent. Or thinking that I know more than the client, just because I have been doing this since Mr. MBA was in junior high.

So, it remains a challenge… a comfortable challenge, if that makes any sense. Like I said, it’s complicated.  So, that’s my useless advice….develop a specialty. Be the best at something, if possible, or at least strive for it.

By the way, is healthcare one word or two? I’m trying to look authoritative, here!

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