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When does an article cross the line from “informative” to “optimized?” Hey, who knows? I have my own definition: when it stops sounding natural (or organic, as the freaks say)  and starts reading like a bunch of keywords with punctuation.

This won’t be groundbreaking information, but I try to approach an SEO  assignment like any other, from an audience perspective.  I try to write as if I were addressing people, not search engines.

Of course, I have my list of keywords in mind, and I try to reference them whenever it feels natural. Then, when I am done, I go back and look for any additional organic opportunities I may have missed.

After that, I look for any in-organic opportunities, no more than two or three, to wedge in a few extra keywords.  I do this because, without a few sore-thumb phrases glowing on the page, some clients don’t feel like I have earned my two-point-seven cents per word.

Hey, that’s why they call it “adding value!”

Anyway, here’s a recent example. Again, a topic I knew nothing about: employee benefits.  See what you think, both in terms of sounding intelligent and in organic SEO.

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