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All the cool kids are doing it. By “cool kids” I mean sweaty web nerds. And by “it” I mean domain mapping.  As I understood the concept, I could somehow employ elfin magic to drop the “WordPress” from my URL and go commando with simply “LivelyExchange.com.”

The only problem? I don’t own LivelyExchange.com. I used to own it, for years and years. Somewhere along the way, though, I must have found another use for that $14 per year.  Now, some squatter owns it, and I didn’t even bother to inquire as to a price.

Instead, I did an end-run and purchased “ALivelyExchange.com. Then I routed all hits to this blog. Same site, new name.

The pros? The web gurus tell me that this makes the site looks more professional, and less bloggy.

The cons? First, this may put a dent in my Google rankings in the short term, as the switch takes effect.  Second, those 500 business cards I just had done are instantly obsolete.

The price of progress!!

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