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Blogging about blogging reminds me a little bit of the Staples commercial where the hipster is trying to find his EASY button in the cluttered office…

We have a few minutes before the hole in the universe reaches our quadrant, so read quickly!

I was at a Christmas party over the weekend, where a group of salesmen (hardcore 1099’s who live entirely on commission) were anxiously commiserating about the coming year.  Misery loves company, of course, so someone turned to me and said, “How about you, Mike? You operate on the tattered fringe of the business world. How’s your oh-nine look?”

Suddenly, I realized…not horrible. Now, it’s safe to say that 2009 won’t be anybody’s banner year. Comparitively speaking, “not horrible,” “gettin’ by” and “payin’ the bills” will look pretty good this time next year.

Intrigued, someone asked “Mr Lee, how DO you get these shirts so soft?” Naturally, I shushed them and whispered, “Ancient Chinese secret!”

Some hotshot! Actually, I had never thought about it. However, I had just completed my last blog entry about a client/partner success story, so the topic was somewhat fresh in my mind.  I think it boils down to a few points:

  • Narrow focus on the right client
  • Cold calling the right way, and, oddly enough…
  • Blogging

The salesman I was yakking with was entirely on board with my first two points.  But number three elicited a hearty “WTF?”

Honestly, I am not a salesman, so I am not the best resource. I only know what has worked for me. And “worked” is a subjective, relative term.  See if this makes any sense…

Blogging has elevated me from number 60 (or so) on Google for “copywriter+charleston+sc” to top-3 in six months.  Correction: it took about a month to get there, where I have remained.

My blog’s back pages contain my value statement, resume, references and writing samples.   It’s all in one location, and easier to access than tearing open the envelope, reading my cover letter, popping in my CDROM, etc.

I like to think that my blog posts make some kind of impression. They give a glimpse of my personality (lucky you.) And they can be a kind of soft sell. For instance, rehashing some humorous incident that happened to me while producing an industrial video in Germany is a subtle way to remind you that I have produced internationally… if that’s your bag, baby.

Finally, most importantly, by the time a client calls or emails, he or she has read the value statement, resume, etc., and is very nearly sold. They are calling to “talk about upcoming projects and look for the right fit.”

All in all, this cocktail-grade conversation really helped give me a brighter perspective on 2009. In appreciation, I will not reveal my yak-mate’s sales profession. Why? To give him a head start as…you guessed it…he begins his blog! Knock ’em dead, killer!

Or, should I say CAT killer?

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