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lively-hq2I wouldn’t say that business is slow. Nowadays, the polite term is “developmentally challenged.” Still, there are a few highlights.

In the video realm, I just knocked out a “man on the street” thing for my church in Moncks Corner SC.  Spent the day accosting patrons at a local coffee shop and asking, “What would you do if you ruled the world for a day?” The answers ranged from the sublime (help spread the Word) to the ridiculous (mandate 89-cent gasoline.) My personal favorite: appoint a committee and delegate my responsibility.

It was a chance to use their new HD camera in the field. It’s pro-sumer, meaning better than consumer grade, but not quite professional. But the clarity was stunning, and the 16×9 ratio (widescreen) is a new sensation. Smashed it together in Final Cut Pro in a few hours. Out, done, invoiced…the way I like ’em!

In the web world, I had the opportunity to revisit the world of radio advertising, which I mentioned earlier. Further developing the features and benefits argument for local businesses.   Meanwhile, the intranet newsletter putts along, informing and offending on a weekly basis.

In print…oy. Big project, not-so-familiar subject, many cooks, many drafts. In other words, a typical day at the office. Sure to be a portfolio piece when it’s finished, though. So there’s that.

Business development. Met with a web design/programming/hosting group in Charleston with an upcoming (and hopefully ongoing) need for writing services. Get this…they had kept my information on file since I contacted them 5 months ago! I didn’t know people actually DID that!  No complaints here, though. This is exactly the type of client I am trying to reach.

That’s the weekly wrap. Have a good weekend.

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