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cakeycakeAfter 100 posts on topics ranging from the sublime to the sub-prime; posts that either hit the nail on the head or that got hopelessly lost in the weeds; and posts that mixed metaphors like a Waring blender with a lifetime warranty, it’s time to get back to the basics don’t you think? I mean, just briefly before we veer off the highway of clarity and once again plunge into the canyon of incoherence below.  So here’s the 411, playas…

Michael Lively is an award-winning copywriter of:

  • Web Content, including websites, newsletters and blogging for hire;
  • Print Content, including brochures, direct mail and trade articles for publication; and
  • Video Content, like corporate/industrial marketing and promotions.

He is based in Charleston SC, but serves clients across the US through the magic of the internet. Michael has many years’ experience serving clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, graphic arts, sporting goods, real estate, automotive, military, insurance, governmental, and nonprofit arenas. He also has nearly 20 years of video experience as a writer, producer, director and editor.

And, aside from an annoying habit of writing in third-person, Lively has developed a not-too-shabby portfolio of work, some of which can be found in the pages of this site.  And the critics, bless them, have been kind.

So wipe your feet, come on in and take the tour. There’s also a Bi-Lo cheese tray and a box of wine in the fridge.

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