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Back to reality, and it’s about time! Elections have a way of distracting me from the tasks at hand. Besides the nearly two-hour wait in the voting line on Tuesday (where I read 50 pages of Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London,) the overall anxiety of the situation kept me from accomplishing any meaningful work.   Yes, I know… copywriting only barely qualifies as work. You have to admit that it requires concentration, though.

It’s a real pleasure to actually kick the political web addiction and return to the day to day challenges of corporate newsletters, print brochures and web content, including a fun little essay on “Why Advertise on Radio?” for a client in Charlotte. This is a piece designed to encourage businesses to…wait for it…advertise on radio.

So, it’s back to regularly scheduled programming. But before we consign Decision 2008 to the history books, there is one more site you should visit: From 52 to 48 with Love.  Somebody decided to take my idea of cheering up Republicans by bombing the crap out of Iranian nuke sites and brought it down to a more human level.

As you look at these pictures, just try to appreciate them for their sincere “being a gracious winner” vibe.  It probably won’t help to say “Hmph. After 8 years of Impeach the retarded chimp/ evil genius war criminal Bush, it must be nice to do a 180 and say Wets be fwends.”

Besides, I already said it for you.

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