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Ask any of my employers back in the day and you would get the same story. The closer it got to Halloween, the more useless I would become.

Whether I was planning the blowout party in the old haunted studio, or sketching out my costume, or just daydreaming about fun-size Butterfingers, all real work would grind to a halt. 

My old employers would probably get some satisfaction knowing that today, as my own boss, I have pretty much cut that crap right out. Today, I will be working on a long-gestating website-and-brochure gig for a client in Virginia.

However, I will take time in the afternoon to put out the latest iteration of the Bat Signal for the trick-or-treaters. I am expecting more than a few BatMen…and at least 20 Jokers.

Anyway, I have to get back to work because my boss is a real putz. So, Happy Halloween, you little monsters. AND STAY OFF MY LAWN!

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