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And now, a word about agency case studies: Bleh.

I see them on agency websites, and they rarely seem like a genuine demonstration of capabilities. They’re more like, “For those of you who expect this sort of thing, here’s a case study.”

Iron forging for TODAY'S generation!

Iron forging for TODAY'S generation!

Don’t get me wrong…some projects are worth celebrating. If you work for some agency with an edgy, in-your-face name like BigBrainz Design, and you’ve managed to somehow drag the tri-city’s oldest iron forge into the digital age, potential clients should know about it.

However, if your design and copy are that compelling, just point me toward it and let me look it over. A representative screen-cap and a little bit of description is all I need. Do me a favor and save the superfluous blah-blah-blah, like:

  • We felt the client’s image needed to be updated…
  • The design needed to be bold, but inviting…
  • The text needed to be engaging…
  • The interface needed to be more intuitive…

I read comments like these, and I can only imagine they are written for someone like, I don’t know, the third-generation owner of a iron forge or something. Come to think of it, that is exactly who they’re written for.  So, literary crimes of Duh like those above are a necessary evil. And looking like a dork in front of artsy agency colleagues reading your website is the price you must pay to win that career-defining iron forge gig!

Still, I’d rather just point you toward my work and let you decide. So check out this link, for a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.  Certainly not a Webby-award contender, but I’d like to believe it’s a little more interesting than the subject matter might suggest. So, assume the industrial-park POV, think about the audience, and give it a look.

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