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How old is old? Are you old if you remember going to the print shop the Monday after college graduation to have your resume typeset?

I will pause as you look up the archaic terms “print shop” and “typeset.”

I came out of school equally prepared (or equally unprepared) to pursue a career in either copywriting or video production.  I felt pressure to pick one or the other. In those days, the first item on a resume was this bogus “Objective” statement, as in “Objective: to obtain a video production position that utilizes my commuter-school education and two semesters of production experience.”

Some wiseguy actually suggested that I order two different resumes, one for video production and one for copywriting, to see which one panned out.  He didn’t realize I was living off of $9 a week after rent, and was not about to pay any more than the astronomical thirty bucks I was putting out for resumes, cover sheets and envelopes. I wasn’t even sure how I was going to pay for postage.

So I chose video. Four days later I was approving the proofs at the hot, stinky print shop, trying not to notice the printer’s baby in a playpen behind the counter, stoned out of its mind on print fumes. Seven to 10 days after that my order was delivered at blistering speed. And so, armed with my resumes and bowel-shaking terror unbridled optimism for the future, I began my meteoric rise to the middle.

Thankfully, times have changed. Once we got PC’s we realized we could have as many resumes as we wished. I have tweaked mine relentlessly, emphasizing this and downplaying that for practically every position I have pursued in the past 10 years.

The point is, you damn kids have it so easy these days. So, even though there’s only one day left in National Update Your Resume Month you really don’t have an excuse for not keeping your CV current.

Besides, all the print shops are gone. And the brain-damaged kids huffing print fumes have all grown up and taken over the mortgage loan industry.

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