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Barely more than a decade ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed that my current web-based copywriting job would be possible. It was hard enough being a video producer in a small town in Indiana, dealing with copywriters only 50 miles away in Cincinnati…by FAX. And this was the height of technology. But living in Charleston SC when a good chunk of my clientele is in Ohio and Indiana? Unthinkable.

Since those days the march of technology has proceeded apace…my favorite factoid is that you now can send at least ten times the info in a single email than you could store on a floppy disc! Technology has certainly made the DOING part of the copywriting process possible from great distances.

However, getting the client to feel comfortable with the distance took a lot longer. Until recently clients still expected that face-to-face contact. Later it evolved to the point that, as long as you were available for an initial face to face, the rest could be done over the wires. Now, I think we’re finally reaching the point that the client has much less expectation of meeting with the copywriter. Like, ever. And it’s not just the client 500 miles away…I have clients fifteen minutes away that I have never met in person.

Are there drawbacks? Sure. The isolation of the copywriter is a constant. Aside from that, sometimes I have no clue where my client is. It’s getting harder to tell from the ever-sketchier contact info on some agency websites. What looks like a big, established agency could very well be one guy with a Mac. Also, you may have read my rant a few weeks ago about a certain $7500 job that slipped through my fingers. That, my friends, was a two-bit, dirty trick that nobody would have the guts to pull if they had any fear that I was going to be able to find them.

But the bright side is obvious.  In the last year I have provided web, print and video content for clients in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Colorado without leaving stately Lively Manor…or even putting on pants. Welcome to the future!

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