Archive for August 6th, 2008

I just completed a rush job for a new client. They were about to submit a website design for approval when someone wisely decided that including some actual copy…or at least realistic-looking filler copy…might help push the design over the top. So I got the call, did a little research, and pounded out something tout de suite (that’s French for, like, now!)  In all, a tight turn, but not terribly difficult.

So imagine my delight to see this bit of recognition on teh intarwebs.  (LINK)

Thanks, guys! You can find the client in question HERE. Gang, there’s utility players like me, and there’s hard-core Web 2.0 perpetrators who can get all up in yo’ strategery and whatnot. Give these guys a call when you’re ready to get serious about your web presence.  Word!

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