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Blogmeister Rich Brooks, of Flyte New Media, has a top-nine list of best practices designed to make your blog a more effective business tool. This prompted me to do a little self-check to see where I stand.  Here are a few of the more relevant tips and tricks, and how I think we rate here at LivelyExchange.

Blog for your audience. That is, write about what your audience cares about.

Of course, this assumes you have an audience. Writing timely, relevant posts about copywriting…hell, about anything…is hard to do on a daily basis. At best, I’d say LivelyExchange is about half and half, relevance vs. war stories.

Make your blog search engine friendlier. Cramming your posts and titles with keywords and whatnot.

I could do better here. My posts are actually in good shape. Too often, though, I use clever (!) punny post titles that you don’t comprehend until you’re halfway through the post. Apparently this is bad!

Engage your most active commenters. If someone comments, RSVP dang it!

Done and done. Whenever anybody comments, I respond ASAP. My commenters have been duly impressed…all six of them!

Comment on influential blogs in your niche.

Now this one’s hard. First of all, this takes TIME, man! Second, it always sounds so fake. Like those spam posts that say, “Excellent point! I agree! BTW, have you tried hotwealthysingles.com?”

Leverage your blog traffic into real business. Remember why you’re doing this…to get name recognition, hits and leads!

Ideas include writing posts that always conclude with a relevant, business-generating action step. Such as: “To learn more about how we destroyed the Crown Room at the Denver Airport, and how this somehow relates to your business communication needs, contact Mike at mlively2002(at)yahoo(dot)com!” …See what I mean? It’s tough!

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can find the rest of Rich Brooks’ tips here.

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It’s a busy day in the world of corporate internet newsletters. Posting has been moved up by a day, and suddenly every contributor feels the need to, you know, contribute. Between you and me, I get the sense that performance reviews are approaching!  Oh well, making the internal client look good is part of the job, yes?

By the way, despite underwhelming site visit statistics I managed to hit number one for the first time on Google for “copywriter+charleston+sc.”  So there’s that.  Hasta manana!

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