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Looking back on some of my professional zigs and zags, beginning with college. At age 20 I had  a professor who was a proponent of Access TV. Remember Access…where regular Joes and Janes off the street could get studio training and then make bad shows on Time Warner channel 109? A really democratic notion, and very appealing to a college kid. So that’s the path I took.

First job: Armed with my degree, I got a job at an Access station…the American “Access Channel of the Year,” mind you. I found it was a pretty typical operation. Of the sixty or so people that worked there, I was one of the five who was being paid. I was a video trainer/producer/director, and I made $5 an hour!

First REAL job: I cold-called a bunch of production houses in Cincinnati until one said that they were looking for a video editor. Fantastic, I lied…I’m an editor!  At $8 an hour, my goodness, that’s like $16K a year!!  Actually, with all of the mandatory overtime, it was more like $23K. And that’s the lesson…the addictive nature of overtime. I bitched about the hours, but was in desperate straits on the weeks I DIDN’T get 55 hours! Did wonders for my home life too.

The Corporate job: This one happened because my future employer had come to my former employer for some video editing work. The d-bag who represented the big corporate client was trying to put the schmooze on my fellow editor, a lovely young lady, by saying that they had an opening in their in-house video department. She wasn’t interested…neither in the job, nor in being ogled 40 hours a week, so I snagged it. The lesson here? If your future boss gives all the signs of being a total wad, take the hint. He may not have been interested in my supple body (I don’t think so, anyway) but he found other ways to make my life suck.

And that brings us to 1990. More later. Have a happy 4th of July. And if you blow your arms off with fireworks, try to get a sweet hookup like this kid.

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