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When it comes to subject matter, there’s a first time for everything. Kitchen remodeling, competitive cycling, burial caskets…there’s a first gig, first assignment, first Google search for every topic. I’ve said it repeatedly; it’s one of my favorite parts of the business.

I just wish that some clients shared that enthusiasm. There was a marketing manager at a certain marine engine company in Charleston who actually took my call. It was going great until he asked if I had ever “done” marine. I hadn’t, so I launched into my First Time for Everything pitch. He wasn’t impressed. He said he would “get back to me,” but he “did not.”

The way I see it, a client like this is missing out on that first-timers energy, enthusiasm and zeal. The writer’s urge to digest and master completely new information can translate into exciting copy. And if I misquote a horsepower number or misspell “boat,” well, client dude, that’s what YOU’RE here for.

So, how do you break through that first-time stigma? I’ve ruled out “doing it on spec” and “lying about my experience.” Other than that, I’m open to suggestions.

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