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After a weekend of decompression, and repeatedly washing the air of menace out of my hair, I am happy (or something) to say I am free of the SEO farm and a freelance writer once more. My shrink predicts I will need at least one therapy session per day worked, so I’m going to be on the couch at least until next Christmas. She says that writing down my thoughts might help, so here goes:

  • In the interview I asked if this was one of those 21st-century digital sweatshops I keep reading about. I was told it was not. I don’t think they understood my question.
  • What the job lacked in creative expression, it compensated for with nervous diarrhea.
  • It really made me nostalgic. Like, when they made me work on Memorial Day it reminded me of the last time I worked on Memorial Day, when I was 17.  Good times.
  • Bounce my paycheck once, shame on you. Bounce my paycheck twice, shame on me…and also you.
  • In the end, I’m not going to say the place was a Wehrmacht prison camp, but I did fantasize that the 8th Air Force would appear over the horizon to bomb the crap out of it.

Oh well…live and learn, kids. I have never named names, and I’m not going to. But to nameless bosses at nameless places everywhere, I leave you with the slave-management advice that Moses gave to Pharaoh: “The strong make many bricks. The weak make few. The dead make none.”

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When it came to Search Engine Optimization, I always thought of myself as a halfway decent spinner of key words and phrases. I had at least heard of meta tagging, and I could craft a 120-character description tag with the cold steely precision of…some cold, precise steel thing.

Even with this cursory knowledge, I admit I used to think that SEO was akin to coating a website with a fresh coat of…optimizer, I guess, and walking away to let it dry.

That was before Humility Week. Since I started this full time copywriting gig in Charleston, I have learned that you never let it dry. You keep painting and painting until, to paraphrase Seinfeld, you can actually feel the internet getting smaller.

You design a website. You blog the crap out of it. And you promote it through any and every social networking site that’s even remotely appropriate…and even some that aren’t.

It’s a whole new world for me. But thankfully, one thing is still true, as far as I can tell: Content is still king! So say we all!*

*Friday’s gratuitous Battlestar Galactica reference.

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