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I don’t know what put the idea in my head, but one day I sat down to write a screenplay.

I had spent an entire five (!) days at an AFI workshop in fabulous Hollywood a few years earlier, so I knew everything about character arcs and the three-act structure. Best of all, I was certain that I had a story to tell.

Six months later, it was finished (see, this is already less depressing than the novel story!)

I copyrighted it and entered it into a few competitions, and then sort of forgot about it. A few months later, on the same day I left my Big Corporate Job of 12 years (with all the mixed emotions that entailed) I got word that I was a finalist in one of the competitions.

The big prize was a listing on their screenplay service. And I got a lot of nibbles. I was sending copies to a bunch of readers who (get this) read the screenplay for whichever producer they work for, and then either “pass” (as in no thanks) or recommend.

Frankly, after the first few thrilling nibbles, the buzz began to wear off. I was running out of the photocopies I had misappropriated from the Big Corporate Job so, with Kinko’s and postage, each copy was costing me at least ten bucks. And this was in the desperate days of freelancing in the post-9/11 economy. Why couldn’t I email the damn thing? Because these readers read, like, 50 scripts a week. Seriously. So they need hard copies so they can read at the office, on the bus, in the crapper, what have you. It also got old because I never got the idea that they were seriously considering my script.

And then it happened…real interest. Cliffhanger!

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