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It’s Saturday morning, and the fattest guy you ever saw who cycles 40miles a week (that would be ME) is doing his thing. It’s springtime, so that means yard sales in Charleston.

I am always looking for items that can remotely be construed as business expenses, either for copywriting or for my video production gigs. This week was a little of both.

I picked up:

  • A new set of speakers for my laptop
  • Some picture frames for my Addy awards, and
  • A golf bag caddy

Total cost: $7, including a VHS copy of Best in Show. Why a golf bag caddy? Think about it…it’s vertical, has wheels and straps. It’s perfect for transporting tripods, light stands, boom pole, a tube of gels and diffusion or all of the above. When you’re director, gaffer, shooter and grip all by yourself—which usually seems to be the case—this is a godsend. Of course, you could spend $100 on an actual light stand caddy, made of high-performance aircraft-grade aluminum and all-weather tires. But the freelancer knows better.

How about you? What’s your best yard sale substitution vs. the Matthews catalog?

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